Education and Workforce Development Committee Meetings

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03 December 2014

Thank you for joining us for the Education and Workforce Development Committee’s next meeting on Wednesday, December 3rd from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. 

We held a panel discussion with social entrepreneurs who gave insights on the strategies, skills, and funding needed to find innovative solutions to social problems by combining the best thinking from the business and the not-for-profit worlds. We had a rich discussion and some brainstorming that includes everyone in the room. This session is ideal for CSR department representatives who want to think out of the box.

The discussants included:

  • Romy Cahyadi, Executive Director UnLtd Indonesia, UnLtd Indonesia is an organization supporting early stage social entrepreneurs and social enterprise in Indonesia, whose vision is an ecosystem where social entrepreneurs and social enterprises easily blossoms and gain support to grow. In this ecosystem the public sector, private sector and civil society support each other and work together in such a way that social entrepreneurship values and principles are norms of praxis. As part of Global Social Entrepreneurship Network, UnLtd Indonesia is part of the global social entrepreneurship and social economy movement supporting entrepreneurship nationally and internationally.

  • Dinny Jusuf, Founder of Toraja Melo, Tana Toraja is an area located near the middle of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Toraja Melo was started by Dinny Jusuf as a way to introduce the world to the amazing products and people of this area. More specifically her goal was to create a company where women could sell products to support themselves and improve the lives of their families. The belief being that if one can sell a product that helps support one mother, it will also help her several children.

  • Wiwid Widianty, Coordinator of Sekolah Bisa, Conceived, designed and managed by students in the IB Diploma program at The British International School, Sekolah Bisa is a life-enhancing institution for 25 shanty-dwelling primary-age Indonesian children who formerly did not enjoy access to school and an education. To date, Sekolah Bisa! has successfully educated over 10 graduates who have passed their Primary Leavers Examinations and continued their education in public schools. We believe this is a huge achievement for them considering they would otherwise be scavenging through refuse or begging on the streets. SB continues on in the hope that we may teach the children the importance of education in breaking the ever-rooted cycle of poverty in Indonesia.

  • Laina Greene, Founder of GETIT, Inc In 2007, the founders of GETIT realized that energy poverty was critical to the continued progress to eliminate communications poverty, and so they began a business strategy consultancy that helps startups and social entrepreneurs scale and innovate. GETIT focuses on communication technology as a tool of empowerment by providing consulting services and training on strategic planning, product management and business development. Our customers have included companies of all sizes, governments, non-profits, and UN agencies. In recent years, GETIT has been incubating new initiatives, new technology and new causes that all lead to expanded connectivity. Ms. Greene is also Global Ambassador of Unltd Indonesia, and Senior Advisor to Ashoka Global.

At the meeting, we also finalized our committee plan for 2015.

BPJS Manpower Luncheon with Prof. Hazbullah

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20 November 2014

Thank you for joining us on the BPJS Manpower Luncheon with Prof. Hazbullah. Prof. Hasbullah Thabrany, Professor and Chair of Center for Health Economics and Policy Studies (CHEPS), Universitas Indonesia shared his knowledge regarding the BPJS. The discussion were informative and many attendees were able to gain more understanding regarding BPJS.


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