Deepening Engagement on Intellectual Property

AmCham-US Chamber ‘Innovation Mission’ works on Patent Law implementation rules

By Gilang Ardana
Friday, March 10, 2017

AmCham Indonesia and the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) held a very successfully Innovation Mission February 21-23, bringing companies in the pharma and information and communications technology (ICT) sector to meet key government stakeholders to discuss crucial intellectual property rights issues.

The mission included a series of workshops with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on the draft implementation of the new Patent Law, as well as meetings with other key government stakeholders on IP protection. Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly and Acting US Assistant Secretary of State Patricia Haslach, also spoke during the mission at the launch event of the US Chamber’s Global IP Index 2017.

The Innovation Mission also marked the launch of the US-Indonesia Investment Initiative (USIII) 2017, which is entering its fifth year as a platform for meaningful dialogue between the government and private sector to further improve the investment climate and economic relations between the two countries.

Focus on Patent Law

A large focus of the mission was the Patent Law’s implementing regulations, the drafting of which is under way under the supervision of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. AmCham Indonesia and the USCC worked with the ministry to provide essential input to the draft.

The first workshop was with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) of the law ministry on February 21. The group discussed the latest updates on the implementing regulations drafting procedure, its key contents and the ministry’s timeline for finalizing the draft. The delegation also shared views on issues such as software and bio-pharmaceutical patentability.

Following the workshop, there was an event with the Indonesia National IP Task Force, with the audience this time drawn from a variety agencies including the ministries of industry, finance and foreign affairs, the Supreme Court, the Coordinating Ministry of Economy and the Attorney General’s Office? The meeting was an effective forum to exchange views between the delegation and the government on the Patent Law specifically and IP protection generally. Later, the delegation also met with key directors within the DGIP for a more intensive exchange on IP matters.

The USCC’s Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) also launched its annual Global IP Index for 2017, “The Roots of Innovation,” during the mission. The Executive Director of GIPC, Patrick Kilbride, led a discussion of the report’s finding during the task force meeting, and it was later launched at a dinner, with opening remarks from the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly and Acting Assistant Secretary of State Patricia Haslach.

Broader engagement on IP Issues

The delegation also visited several ministries. The first was the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. The delegation was received by the ministry’s Secretary General Ainum Na’im, the Director General of Research and Development Muhammad Dimyati and the Head of Cooperation and Public Communications, Nada Darminyanti. The delegation and the ministry representatives discussed several key points, including the direction of IP protection in Indonesia and the role of IP in economic development.

The delegation also met with the Director General of Pharmacy and Medical Devices of the Ministry of Health, Maura Linda Sitanggang, and discussed the issue of IP and access to medicine, as well as to understand the position of the health ministry on the issue. The last visit was to the Ministry of Industry, where the delegation met with Eko Cahyanto, the head of the Legal and Organization Bureau to discuss the Patent Law and economic impact assessments on policy-making.

Kicking off the US-Indonesia Investment Initiative 2017

The mission was the starting point for the USIII 2017, which over the last few years has evolved to explore the economic relationship between the US and Indonesia beyond trade and foreign direct investment (FDI). The Initiative is a channel for direct engagement between the private sector and the governments of both countries. The Innovation Mission is part of efforts to further nurture productive engagement between both sides.

“Commercial ties between our countries are much more than two-way trade and foreign direct investment, as important as those are,” said Brian Arnold, President of AmCham Indonesia. “When one takes into account financial flows, tax revenues paid to the Indonesian government by US companies, and domestic sales by US companies in the market, it quickly becomes clear how vast our commercial partnership really is.”

“2017 marks the fifth year of the Initiative,” said Tami Overby, Senior Vice President, Asia, for the US Chamber of Commerce. “At no point since the launch of the Initiative have we faced greater global economic uncertainty. It is therefore all the more important that the United States and Indonesia work together closely to ensure that both governments pursue sound, mutually beneficial policies that will enhance bilateral trade and investment, create jobs, and foster economic growth.”

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