Moving Forward With AmCham in 2017

Advocacy and engagement strategy discussed for year ahead at leadership retreat

By Mary R Silaban
Friday, March 10, 2017

On March 2, AmCham Indonesia held its 2017 leadership retreat, attended by members of our leadership team, staff and observers from the US Embassy. The meeting discussed strategy for the year ahead and the vision for AmCham in the next five years.

AmCham recognizes the need to adapt to changes in the business environment: new types of business, ways of doing business and the shifting demographics of the American business community. We are striving to find still more ways to maintain our position as “the advocate of choice” for US businesses here.   

Board President Brian Arnold opened the proceedings with a discussion of the history and opportunities facing AmCham. Managing Director A Lin Neumann gave a presentation on the current status of AmCham, its achievements, plans for the coming year and, of course, the challenges facing the organization such as membership, committee activities and revenue.

Board Vice President Doug Ramage led a discussion on diversity within AmCham in terms of industries, companies and leadership.

The participants were then divided into four groups to make presentations on what they considered the most important topics. The discussions were intense and each group came up with important points that will be the subject of a follow up meeting to discuss detailed planning.

“In the last five years, AmCham has really accomplished a lot, we have raised our profile and gained considerable recognition for our advocacy efforts,” said Neumann. “But we cannot stop there, we have to keep moving forward with new programs and ideas.”

AmCham would like to thank the leadership team for taking time to meet and plan. And last but not least, a big thank you goes to PwC for providing the meeting space for the retreat.

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