Executive Director Sarah Howe Announces Departure

After nine years, Sarah will be sorely missed and long remembered

By A Lin Neumann, Managing Director
Monday, November 26, 2018

If one person has stood for continuity, dedication and stability at AmCham for nearly a decade, it is Executive Director Sarah Howe. She has been the face of AmCham at countless events and a steady hand in our day-to-day affairs.

Enormously hard working and capable as both an administrator and a champion of AmCham and our companies, Sarah has been the first person on duty at our events and usually the last to leave. She knows our members’ names and needs and is dedicated to providing great service for the AmCham community.

But now, sadly, we are going to have to continue without her, as Sarah has tendered her resignation from AmCham, effective the end of this year.

In her many roles over the years, Sarah cleaned up and organized our internal administration, brought continuity to the office and tended to our members. She also sought out new ideas and new directions for AmCham, while maintaining our traditions and purpose. In addition, she helped oversee our growth from a staff of three to the 12 full-time employees we have today. Her influence helped shape the stable and productive administrative staff we now have.

In addition, as our members well know, she has worked closely with our many committees, managed our membership details and overseen literally hundreds of events, including our very successful networking evenings and annual golf tournament. She is also a well-known figure among regional AmChams in Asia.

It is sometimes quite difficult to imagine how she keeps her many to-do lists going. In just the last few months, for example, she helped manage the annual US-Indonesia Investment Summit, followed by our very successful IMF-World Bank gala and finally another sold-out golf tournament held on American Thanksgiving Day, November 22.

And if you called the AmCham office after working hours, you know that Sarah was usually the one to answer the phone as she labored to complete one more task before calling it a night.

On a personal level, Sarah has become both a good friend and valued colleague since I joined AmCham in 2014. We will all miss her greatly and we will certainly call on her from time to time for advice and guidance.

Finally, Sarah was an early believer in our recent move to WeWork, helping to pave the way for the next phase of our working life as a chamber.

To be sure, these are days of change and transition for AmCham in terms of both personnel and our new office. With Sarah’s departure, we will be challenged to replace her many roles but we are confident that the current staff will step up and we will also find new people to fit into our team.

It goes without saying that we all wish Sarah the best of luck and great success as her journey continues in a different direction.


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