Meet Dread Skeeter, Jakarta’s Latest Bug Beater

Mosquito Squad is in hot pursuit of Indonesia’s pesky bloodsuckers

By Joshua Rubin
Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Few, if any of us who spend time in Jakarta can say we’ve never been bugged by a bunch of mosquitos. But professional help is at hand as Mosquito Squad brings its expertise from the US to Indonesia to put the pesky bloodsuckers firmly in their place.

To officially welcome the Mosquito Squad franchise – symbolized by company mascot “Dread Skeeter” – to Indonesia, a launch event was held on July 23 at Jakarta's Grand Hyatt Hotel, hosted by the Chairman and CEO of Mosquito Squad's parent company Outdoor Living Brands, Chris Grandpre. Among those in attendance were Cecilia Wirawan, who leads master licensee Pt Multi Niaga Harvest and will head up the franchise here, the US Embassy Jakarta’s Acting Deputy Chief of Mission James Dayringer, AmCham Indonesia’s Managing Director A Lin Neumann and President Brian Arnold.

Over the next 10 years, veteran businesswoman Cecilia and her partner-husband Louis Mahadi intend to initially focus on Java around Jakarta, and then expand across the archipelago. 

“Anything and anyone who can help us beat these bugs is welcome,” said AmCham’s Neumann, welcoming Mosquito Squad as one of AmCham’s newest members.

To date, Mosquito Squad has delivered over five million treatments. But why is defending your home and other spaces from mosquitos so important? After all, mosquitos are as common in Jakarta as traffic.

The answer is simple, says the company. Diseases such as dengue fever, malaria and Japanese encephalitis claim hundreds of thousands of lives, usually of children under the age of five, every year around the world.  Mosquitos have been and remain an issue in Africa, North America, and Asia. However, an often underappreciated threat to human-health is also ticks, which can spread deadly diseases, the most well known being Lyme disease. 

Typical pest control treatments make use of toxic chemicals, and plenty of them, in order to kill off bugs. However, Mosquito Squad's method is less invasive, requiring treatments to be done only once every two weeks. Instead of using toxic fogs that cost a lot, dissipate quickly and are harmful to our health, our pets, and the environment, Mosquito Squad's sprays stick around in the breeding areas of mosquitos in order to not only kill them, but also keep them from reproducing. 

Company CEO Grandpre called mosquitos “fascinating creatures,” noting their resilience and adaptability. He then quickly added the company’s slogan, "but the only good mosquito is a dead one."  

The Embassy’s acting DCM Dayringer spoke of how pest-driven disease control in Indonesia is vital. In 2017 alone, 70 percent of all children in Indonesia were infected by dengue at some point, he said. He also noted that throughout a colorful career that has taken him all over the world, he has found Indonesia's mosquitos to be the most resilient and quick to bite.

Mosquito Squad has big plans for Southeast Asia in the coming years, seeing the region as a major growth target for its franchise-based model.  Indonesia is its first stop in the region but talks are already underway for other countries. It offers not only a two-week treatment for residential and company properties, but also enhanced tick control, special events (outdoor parties, weddings, etc.), automatic misting and an all-natural treatment made up of essential oils and other organic materials. Check them out here! Or call 021-398-33829.

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