Building Relations with the Pharma Industry

AmCham Indonesia’s pharma committee met with the new Director General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

By Gilang Ardana
Monday, September 24, 2018

A number of issues were discussed during the first engagement of AmCham Indonesia’s Pharmaceuticals and Lifescience Committee with Engko Sosialine, the new Director General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices with the Ministry of Heralth, on August 29. Engko has replaced the retiring Maura Linda Sitanggang, with whom AmCham frequently engaged in the past.

AmCham Indonesia Managing Director A Lin Neumann opened the meeting by introducing AmCham and its work. Pharmaceuticals committee chair Anil Argilla of Pfizer Indonesia followed introducing the committee and its key focus areas. Both reaffirmed AmCham’s commitment to continue working with Engko and her office to build a more conducive business climate in the pharmaceuticals and medical devices sectors.

The meeting saw an exchange of updates on various pressing issues in the sector, including the e-catalogue, BPJS and local content for the pharma industry. Engko also discussed the key focus of the office’s work – accessibility.

“We are focusing on accessibility for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices,” she said. “We will also continue prioritizing safety, efficacy and quality in achieving our goals.”

Key updates included changes in e-catalogue procurement, which will be implemented soon.

“There will be a sectoral e-catalogue implemented in the near future, where some of the process will be moved from LKPP [National Public Procurement Agency] to some line ministries,” said Engko

“For the Ministry of Health (MoH), there will be a unit under the MoH’s Secretariat General office in charge of this process. This is a mandate from Presidential Regulation No. 16 of 2018. However, the MoH is one of the ministries which is pushed to implement it first.”

Engko also noted the MoH is working closely with the Ministry of Industry to draft a regulation to enforce local content for the pharma industry.

The meeting closed with Engko and the committee agreeing to follow-up discussions on more technical matters related to the issues raised. AmCham Indonesia will continue engagement with Engko’s office through the committee.

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