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AmCham's Education and Workforce Development Committee Virtual Session : Transitioning To The Future
April 20, 2022 | by AmCham Webmaster

AmCham's Education and Workforce Development Committee held its second virtual discussion of the year on April 19. The lively session focused on how students are transitioning to university and looking for internships and post-graduation job opportunities during the pandemic.

Five talented students represented universities in Indonesia and the US: Manu Penenory (Harvard College), Hanna Nelson (Santa Clara University), Marina Penenory (Pomona College), Jefanya Givenfirsta (Sampoerna University) and Achmad Syaugie, (LSPR Business & Communication Institute), and they were joined by Marilyn Chandra, Regional Talent Acquisition office for HP, representing the employer’s side.

The students shared how they overcame the challenges in transitioning from high school to university and then searching and finally landing their respective internships, which were mostly done virtually. Everyone agreed the transition from high school to university during the pandemic was difficult, especially when it comes to fostering relationships with peers and lecturers, because they only see each other on screen. The same is true when seeking an internship.

However, despite the challenges, the students agreed that virtual learning also opens up remote internships outside of Indonesia and the US. It also provides more flexibility as long you are connected to the internet. This was backed up by Marilyn, who said the current talent trend offers hybrid working and provides a diverse talent network. She added that augmentation of human capability and technology, including creative and innovative talent branding, are also important.

AmCham hopes the discussion provided information for students, parents, educators and employers on how to prepare for each stage.

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