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AmCham COVID-19 Info Update #3 - Message from Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan
Mar 15, 2020 | AmCham Indonesia

Dear AmCham Members and Friends, 

Below is an English Summary of Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan’s taped message on Sunday, March 15 regarding “social distancing” and other measures to combat COVID-19 in Jakarta. We are also sending by email the taped message itself. We feel it is important that our companies be as fully informed as possible on measures and messages and pass that information on to employees and executives.

The governor’s advice is that for the current period, all Jakarta people need to do major social distancing – in other words, keep distance from one another, avoid meetings, avoid physical contact and avoid large gatherings.

We believe this is good advice. Full transcript can be found on the attachment. 

Stay healthy, Stay clean. Take logical steps.

Lin Neumann
AmCham Managing Director 


From Gov. Anies Baswedan:

Things to do:

  1. Don’t go out from the house unless it’s very important. As much as possible, hold remote meetings. Please take this very seriously for all family members and colleagues. 
    Save yourselves, save your family, which means save a lot of people.
  2. Avoid crowded places
  3. Postpone all large events. Even if it’s a charity event. It is not truly urgent, please postpone.
  4. With regard to religious activities, please pray at home for now.
  5. For wedding receptions, if it must take place, tere must be a protocol to check body temperatures on all guests before entering the venue. Maintain isolation room for any people showing symptoms and seek medical help immediately. Use hand sanitizer, no handshakes.
  6. Parents need to remind their children not to travel. No school or college activities. This is not a holiday. The goal is to keep everybody at home.
  7. For all, I encourage you not to travel abroad.

Governor Baswedan also highlighted three things for individuals to always keep in mind:

  1. Wash hands with soap and hand sanitizer as much as possible
  2. Avoid handshakes and use other contact methods to greet people
  3. Use mask is you have cold or cough symptoms and close the mouth and/or nose with tissue paper or the crease of the elbow when sneezing/coughing

Governor Anies asks all residents to address the condition seriously and take precautionary measures to ensure safety for all. Residents are urged to contact 112 (emergency services) or 62 813 8837 6955 (DKI Coronavirus Hotline) when experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 if you have symptoms or exposure or have traveled recently to areas that are also infected by the disease.

Documents for Reference:
Message from Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan - Transcript (BAHASA)
Message from Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan - Record

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