(IN-PERSON) AmCham Services Committee Meeting - March 2023
Mar 29, 2023 / 08:00 - 09:30

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The time has come to ask that you please reserve Wednesday, March 29, 2023, from 08:00am to 09:30am for our next Services Committee Meeting.

This is a slightly different invitation, not only because I have changed the standard “Services Breakfast” reference to “Services Meeting,” but, more importantly, because the reason for this change, is the March 22 commencement of the Islamic fasting month, and thus an important time for those of you who are going to follow your religious commitments, embracing Bulan Puasa Ramadhan 2023.

This does not have to interfere with standard business procedures, as long as it is understood that we are all respecting each other’s beliefs, and that we are showing a degree of flexibility when it comes cooperation.

We have reserved the usual venue (for security reasons not being mentioned here, but surely no surprise), and arranged to have all participants being furnished with “breakfast” boxes, which they can open and enjoy following our session, or at the time of Buka Puasa later in the evening. 

With that in mind, please make sure that you will be joining us, that you will (as always) be providing a brief verbal update regarding the business sector you are representing, and that you will also share, with the organizers, a short written summary of your presentation, which will later be incorporated into the minutes of the meeting. 

For potential newcomers to the AmCham Services gathering, let me just give you an idea of the event. We tend to have representation from business sectors like banking, insurance, security, tax, IT, communication, hospitality, health, real estate, movers, educators, manufacturers, distributors and consultants of various backgrounds (the list goes on), as well as the US Embassy.

Going around the table, in a rather casual but totally professional fashion, we are honored to listen to observations, concerns and expectations, which make the session one of the most informative AmCham activities there is.      

I am very much looking forward to seeing you on the 29th, at 08:00am sharp (please be on time) and am also stressing the fact that my role is merely the “conducting of traffic” while you will be making the session the usual success we have been known for for more than thirty years.

Please do register with the office, but please only if you are committed to joining on the 29th, and provide the cost for your participation, either via online payment or directly at the location of the meeting. Hopefully, I will be seeing you soon!


Until then, all the very best,


Peter Meyer

AmCham Indonesia

Governor Emeritus

Services Chair

Event Date:

Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Event Time :

8:00 - 9:30 AM

(GMT 7)


Venue :

In-person Meeting 

Location will be announced on March 28

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If you are having a problem with registration, please send email to f[email protected]

Cancellation must be in writing via e-mail to [email protected] latest by noon on

Tuesday, March 28, 2023. Please be advised that ‘no-shows’ may be billed at full price.

Mar 29, 2023

Wednesday, 08:00 - 09:30



IDR 100,000 (Member),IDR 250,000 (Non-Member)

Mar 29, 2023 / 08:00 - 15:30
Online via Zoom.us and Onsite at Himawari Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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