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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Corporate Citizenship Definition

Corporate Citizenship (CC) has a variety of definitions and terms used interchangeably to address the topic: business ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate accountability, corporate responsibility, corporate sustainability, etc. The CC Committee recognizes the following definition of Corporate Citizenship based upon the AmCham Indonesia 2011 CSR Survey. The definition is a combination of local insights coupled with leading pronouncements from the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and Business for Social Responsibility (BSR).

Business that enables sustainable economic development in ways that honor ethical values and respect people, communities and the natural environment

Major stakeholder groups and companies interchangeably influence and impact respective capacities to operate and co-exist. Key constituents are a major source of innovation and competitive advantage as well as contention and underperformance. These groups affect a broad range of core business issues in our workplace, marketplace and living space; vision, values, good governance, accountability, transparency, work ethic, reputation, productivity, profitability, community development, investment, environmental quality, social equity, education, human rights, health, safety, disaster response, etc.) and include the following key counterparts:

- employees - employers - customers - NGOs/CSOs
- suppliers/partners - investors/shareholders - regulators - media

Committee Objectives

The CC Committee aims to increase AmCham membership CC awareness and encourage organizations to define and integrate sustainable visions, strategies, programs and performance that enable compliance and create value and quantifiable results within their enterprises and amongst their main stakeholder groups.
The CC Committee objectives are:

  • Raise awareness among AmCham leadership, members and the greater business community on the importance and value of a CC mindset, practices, implementation and outcomes
  • Encourage member company leadership and major stakeholder groups to explore opportunities and risks through increased engagement in networks and programs based on membership interests and contemporary CC issues
  • Facilitate membership participation in CC themes with activities and resources that support understanding, implementation and achievement of related CC topics, initiatives and goals
  • Communicate CC issues, trends and experience to membership, interested stakeholder groups, peer companies, business associations and government agencies
Committee Strategy

The CC Committee will realize its objectives through linkages with credible resources, accurate information and the involvement of AmCham membership impacted by current and future CC issues, including pending CSR legislation and related matters:

  • Enhance the working knowledge of the membership and its key stakeholder groups by way of development activities, including CC courses, workshops, roundtables, lectures, conferences, networking sessions, site visits, etc. or a means through which to do so.
  • Encourage membership with an interest in the corporate aspects of CSR to pursue and implement the sustainability journey through a variety of relevant activities, programs, local forums, associations, peer partnerships, etc. or a means through which to do so.
  • Facilitate membership interest in CC with access to resources, information and networks that effectively improve CC understanding, integration and implementation via industry associations, government agencies, civil society, academic institutions and appropriate commercial organizations.
  • Communicate to the membership and beyond by way of CC event promotion, survey results, newsletters, case studies, government influence, publications, direct mail, media, awards, etc.
Committee Goals

The CC Committee plans to achieve the following tactical goals during the 2011 timeframe with the intention to enhance the image and working level of CC across the US business community and its friends in Indonesia:

A. Raise Awareness

  1. Host a minimum of 3 speaker events throughout the year on CC related topics
  2. Announce relevant domestic, regional and international CC conferences and events
  3. Support at least 1 workshop, gathering or forum on CC issues of importance to AmCham members
  4. Highlight a range of corporate member CSR success stories in each Executive Exchange
  5. Ensure DRP 'mission ready' status through Line Officer meetings, dry runs, newsletter and website

B. Encouragement

  1. Provide opportunities, mechanisms and support for membership to inquire, learn, engage in and implement CC initiatives individually, in association with other firms/organizations (i.e. member site visits, annual theme days, CSR activities, etc.) and in cooperation with fellow Committees, Chambers and friends of AmCham

C. Facilitation

  1. Channel requests for CC information and involvement to appropriate resources and enterprises
  2. Organize CC events and activities which cater to specific BoG and AmCham membership priorities and interests
  3. Develop, implement and populate a credible 'in-house' NGO database with reputable NGOs to support CC partnership opportunities for membership programs and activities (i.e. CSR engagement, disaster response, etc.)
  4. Develop, implement and populate a credible 'in-house' DRP database with committed AmCham companies to enable prompt, accurate, coordinated and streamlined responses to major natural and manmade disasters incountry (i.e. DRP activation)

D. Communication

  1. Support the conduct, evaluation and communication of a representative AmCham
  2. Compile an accessible showcase of AmCham member CC profiles and success stories
  3. Report on CC events and activities that cater to AmCham member interests and initiatives
  4. Guide interested membership electing to participate in annual governance/sustainability/CSR awards and programs including associated local, regional and international events

The Corporate Citizenship Committee also leads AmCham Indonesia's Disaster Response Plan.

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